Epic Cards for Trello: Scaling Trello workflow to multiple boards

Epics are a great way to track higher level work and to create a roadmap that is constantly updated as you work with your Trello boards. You don’t want to go back to your previous way of using Trello once you’ve got used to working with epics, I guarantee.

The basic idea is that instead of working with multiple isolated boards, you can combine multiple boards together, and get a high level view of the progress of your work across all of them.

Custom fields now supported for Jira, Trello, and Asana users

If you're using custom fields in Jira, Trello, or Asana, you can now have them surfaced in your Screenful dashboard. You can use them for assigning estimates for tasks, and for grouping and filtering data. That means that your custom fields are fully integrated to all the features in your dashboard and are available in all the reports you might want to have them included in. If you're not yet using custom fields, now is a good time to give them a try! 

Tracking orders with Screenful and Trello

We’ve always wanted to keep our product generic in a sense that it doesn’t dictate how your team works, or even what type of work you do. After all, the concept of tasks, boards, and workflow are quite universal and apply to many kinds of activities.

While many of our users use Screenful and Trello for tracking software development, there is no reason why you couldn't track any kind of of production work, such as deliveries of physical goods. Here’s how to do it.