Pivotal Tracker

Build custom charts and reports from Pivotal Tracker data

This is your guide to advanced analytics for Pivotal Tracker. See the Tour page for the available charts and visualizations.

Also check out our how-to and the video tutorials. Got questions? Drop us email at support@screenful.com, you'll get a prompt response.


Common questions

Do you take into account the time estimates of tasks in Pivotal Tracker?
How are the lead and cycle times calculated in Pivotal Tracker?
Will Screenful make changes to my data, or is my data affected in any way?
Are weekends included in the cycle time calculation?
Can I filter charts based on epic, version, sprint etc.
How do I adjust the contents of the charts?
Is there a way to remove outliers from the data?
Does this support my specific workflow or do I have to use some specific states like "open", "in progress" and "done"?
How does your Forecasting chart work?
How often is data updated?
Can I see metrics based on my custom fields?
Do you provide desktop clients?
How do I set up a dashboard on a big screen?
Can I embed some of these charts into my intranet?
Do you have mobile clients?
I can’t find an answer to my question