Screenful FAQ

How does the Marketplace add-on differ from your SaaS service?

When installing the Marketplace add-on:

  • You get Screenful embedded within your JIRA UI (but you can also use it as a web app)

  • Any user in your Jira instance can join the Screenful account without an invitation

  • You will be billed by Atlassian instead of Screenful

  • The pricing is according to the number of users in your Jira instance

  • There is no single-sign-on option

When deploying as a SaaS service via the Screenful website:

  • You use Screenful as a standalone web app, not embedded within the Jira UI

  • Each user must be invited to log in to Screenful (you can choose who gets access)

  • You will be billed by Screenful instead of Atlassian. Prices are according to the pricing page.

  • Single-sign-on is available as an option in the Enterprise plans

You can learn more about the deployment options from this article.

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