Common questions

How are the lead and cycle times calculated in Asana?

Can I create charts based on my due dates in Asana?

How does your sprint burndown chart work with Asana?

Do you support work estimates in your burndown chart?

What if I archive a task?

Will Screenful make changes to my data, or is my data affected in any way?

Are weekends included in the cycle time calculation?

Can I filter charts based on epic, version, sprint etc.

How do I adjust the contents of the charts?

Does this support my specific workflow or do I have to use some specific states like "open", "in progress" and "done"?

How does your Forecasting chart work?

How often is data updated?

Can I see metrics based on my custom fields?

Do you provide desktop clients?

How do I set up a dashboard on a big screen?

Can I embed some of these charts into my intranet?

Do you have mobile clients?

I can’t find an answer to my question