Instant visual dashboards for Asana

 See the current status of your projects as well as longer term trends in a visual dashboard created from your Asana data. Explore and click-through to see individual tasks behind the numbers. Use with any of your devices or rotate on the office TV



See what others are working on and what has been resolved recently. Learn more

Who's working on what wight now? What has been completed recently?  Learn more


Track your sprint progress with a burndown chart for Asana. Learn more

Get forecasts for your project completion.  Learn more


Track your cycle times - see your average lead time and spot bottlenecks. Learn more



See how your time is distributed on different activities. Track & eliminate waste! Learn more

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Track metrics across multiple Asana projects

Sometimes it can be hard to stay track of your work if your tasks are scattered over multiple projects. Worry no more, our data aggregation feature allows you to track metrics across multiple projects at once.

Learn more about Aggregate reports

Create custom charts

Didn’t find the information you were looking for? Looking for that specific piece of information that is not captured by any of the default charts? It's time to dig deeper into your data by creating a custom chart.


Share status with weekly digest

Have those stakeholders that want to see the status of their project/feature/release, but don’t want to log in to Asana? Subscribe them to the weekly digest so you can keep them on the loop without distracting your team.

GET automated STATUS REPORTS to your email and to Slack!

Set up on a big screen at your office

TV mode is a special mode of UI that is optimised for viewing content in an big screen such as in an office TV. Selected screens will rotate automatically at pre-defined interval. Great for sharing the project status with external stakeholders!



Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses

"Screenful was best in every category. It beautifully and simply highlights key agile metrics for our whole in-office team and any visiting stakeholders"

Jaxon Klein, Co-founder, CEO at Keyo Inc.

"Using visual boards without metrics misses the whole point of improving performance. Screenful is a must have tool for my personal Kanban"

Jesse Fewell, Agile coach, writer, trainer

"Screenful allows me to easily identify where I am spending time so that I can ensure I'm working on the right things. The weekly email is a great summary delivered right to my phone"

Andrew Wheeldon, Agile coach

"Screenful is a wonderful visualization tool that I use to illustrate to organizations why they should relentlessly focus on reducing lead time & cycle time, understand cumulative flow and decompose work"

Patrick Ingram, Enterprise Agility Consultant & Agile Transformation Coach


Common questions

Do I have to use Asana boards or does this also work with list projects?

Screenful dashboard can be set up for any Asana project, either board based or list based. 

Does Screenful work with the free version of Asana?

Yes except that you won’t be able to use data from custom fields or dependencies since those are available only in a paid Asana plans.

How is the lead/reaction/cycle time calculated?

Timings are based on how tasks move from "Not started" state to "In progress" and finally to "Done" as specified in your workflow mapping. Learn more from the Lead Time FAQ.

How does your sprint burndown chart work with Asana?

Read the blog post about doing sprints in Asana using custom field estimates and the online guide about doing sprints with Asana.

Do you support work estimates in your burndown chart?

Yes. You can use custom fields for entering an estimate to a task. Alternatively, you can insert a number in the parenthesis as a prefix to the task name. Lean more about how to set estimates to your tasks in Asana.

How does the milestone burnup chart work?

The milestone burnup chart takes all the tasks that are assigned to a project, and assumes that to be your backlog. Then it checks your team's velocity and calculates a forecast date when your backlog should be empty if no new tasks are added. Follow these steps to set up the milestone burnup chart, or learn more from the Milestone Burnup FAQ

Can I consolidate data from multiple Asana projects into one Screenful dashboard?

Yes, you can add more projects in the dashboard settings. Learn how to aggregate data from multiple Asana projects from the Getting Started guide. 

How do you decide the order of tasks in the Team Status? Is there a way to specify priority in Asana?

A task's priority is determined by its location on a list. The card at the top of the list has the highest priority. The Team Status screen shows tasks in that order when 'rank' is selected as a sorting criteria. 

Can I see metrics based on my custom fields?

Yes, you can use custom fields as units, or for grouping and filtering data. Learn how to get reports from custom fields in Asana from our online guide.

How do I view these screens in my mobile/tablet?

Input into your phone browser, and once the page is loaded, save the page as a shortcut icon into your home screen by selecting "Add to home screen". Next time you can launch it quickly by tapping the icon.

Do you provide desktop clients?

We have native desktop clients available for Windows and Mac. 

How do I set this up on a big screen?

Read the online guide about the TV mode and tips for setting up the hardware from our blog. 

Can I mix Screenful dashboards with content of my own when running in TV mode?

Yes, there are 3rd party apps that allow you to schedule and organise different kind of content to your screens. These range from simple browser plugins to digital signage solutions such as ScreenCloud or truDigital.

Can I embed some of these charts into my intranet?

You can embed any individual screen into an iFrame. Learn how to construct an embeddable URL from our online guide

How often data is updated on my screens?

All screens are updated once an hour. You can trigger update manually by clicking Refresh now at the main menu.

I can’t find an answer to my question

The Getting Started Guide contains Instructions for setting up your dashboard. 

See also our Accounts & Pricing FAQ.

Check out our public roadmap or get in touch by emailing to